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Expect the Unexpected

Education has changed...and so have we.

What Do You Expect?

Raising children isn't easy.

In a working-class culture, investing in your own child’s education is hard to manage and prioritize. As parents, sometimes we can feel inadequate to teach them.

Because of this, Claremont STEM Magnet school exists to offer the best foundational platforms for your child. We create academic experiences and opportunities your child will never forget.

Claremont Academy teacher helping student in class
Claremont-Academy-students trying to balance a feather in gym class

Do You Expect a Second Home?

To learn, children must feel free to express themselves.

Entrusting your child to a place where they feel at home is imperative when it comes to their social emotional learning. In order for students to learn, they must feel safe and have trust with those who are guiding them.

Do You Expect Safety?

Parents feel we are a safe place for their child.

Claremont student smiling at camera with mask

At Claremeton Academy, your child can feel safe to express themselves in order to learn.

“...the reason why I love teaching is the relationship you have with the students. I am amazed at how students express themselves and what they are thinking."

-- Terry Rucks | SECA

Do You Expect More Than Academics?

We lay the foundation for your child to succeed in life.

At Claremont, our team is committed to providing an education that will prepare our students for the future. We take the time to teach them how to think critically, communicate effectively,  solve problems creatively, and work collaboratively. This mindset that we instill in our children goes beyond academics. 

West Englewood's

STEM Magnet School

With a hands-on approach to teaching and learning, STEM combines science, technology, engineering, and math to create a cross-disciplinary, student-centered program where academic studies are paired with real-world lessons. 

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Design experiments, analyze data, and make evidence-based explanations



Begin computer programming, data analysis, digital expressions



Explore problems, identify solutions, develop prototypes, and test ideas



Support development of factual and conceptual understanding

United on All Fronts.

We stand and work together - for them and for you.

At Claremont Academy, unity is the key to our culture. We stand and work together to help provide experiences, resources, and support that most families cannot access on their own. 

So...What Do You Expect?

Expect to Transform Your Child's Trajectory

Patricia Bagget-Hopkins

Experiences are what our kids will remember and shape their future.

Provide your child the opportunity to experience things they would normally not have access to.

"When I think about what we've tried to do at Claremont, we've tried to create experiences for our kids that they would never forget. Parents are busy with work and life and a lot of the time don't have the time or the resources to provide these opportunities for their children.

For almost two decades, we've done our best to innovate, transform our offerings, and build relationships with strategic partners to provide resources and opportunities to our students that allow them to see a whole new world."

-- Patricia Baggett-Hopkins | Principal

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