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Our mission is to provide our students with an education that prepares them for a successful future in today's complex and rapidly changing world.

With the addition of a STEM curriculum, Claremont students engage in the use of technology across all subjects while participating in learning experiences that inspire critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity - the 4C's of STEM. 

New STEM Lab

New tech, equipment, and resources for students

Production Studio

Access to create and produce digital media content

New iMacs

New tech for students to stay on top of current technology

New iPads

Allows each student to have screen time for growth and development

Lego NV3 Robots

Learn how to write code and design simple solutions using tech

Digital Cameras

Digital equipment for students to utilize in the production process


Access for each student to grow and develop at their own pace

Discover Education logo


Access to digital lessons, text, videos, instructional strategies and more

Amplify Science


Teacher tools such as lessons, media, digital simulations, and much more

Additional Resources

In addition to working with kits, which include lots of hands-on materials for projects, students will have access to:

Digital Simulations

Available on Student Chromebooks

Amplify's Full Curriculum

Accessible 24/7 online

Investigation Notebooks

For notes and conducting investigations


Practice reading scientific content