Design something that works!

The 5-Step Engineering Process

Ask | Imagine | Plan | Create | Improve

Claremont students use the 5-step Engineering Design Process (EDP) to develop, build and test their designs. They will explore a problem (ASK), identify a possible solution (IMAGINE), develop the prototype for the solution (PLAN AND CREATE), and then test the idea, make changes and test again(IMPROVE).

Bill Gates

If you give people tools and they use their natural abilities and their curiosities they will develop things in ways that will surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected.”


Engineering is Elementary

Award winning curricula

Another way we teach engineering at Claremont is with the help of a fun, flexible inquiry-based curriculum called Engineering is Elementary (EIE) - a curriculum created by Boston’s Museum of Science. The EIE curriculum uses kits to help integrate engineering with science subjects our kids are already learning while sharpening their problem solving, teamwork, communication, and project-based learning abilities.

With a bold vision to make STEM learning empowering, interactive, accessible, the Boston Museum of Science is on track to make learning joyful for learners of all ages. 

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Additional Resources

In addition to working with kits, which include lots of hands-on materials for projects, students will have access to:

Digital Simulations

Available on Student Chromebooks

Amplify's Full Curriculum

Accessible 24/7 online

Investigation Notebooks

For notes and conducting investigations


Practice reading scientific content