Changing the world one problem at a time.

Having A Complete Picture

Building Balance and Comprehension

The mathematics that our students learn includes thinking skills and materials that can be used as tools for working through integrative STEM problems. It also includes content that might be considered "just math" or might be connected to non-STEM disciplines.

Preparing for Success

Engaging with interactive assignments

Claremont students will engage in an interactive classroom and work through layered assignments, with guidance from skilled teachers, while using mathematics to solve challenging real-world problems--preparing them for academic success now, into college, and beyond.

Claremont Academy teacher helping student in class

Additional Resources

In addition to working with kits, which include lots of hands-on materials for projects, students will have access to:

Digital Simulations

Available on Student Chromebooks

Amplify's Full Curriculum

Accessible 24/7 online

Investigation Notebooks

For notes and conducting investigations


Practice reading scientific content