Our Community

Claremont Academy is the anchor of West Englewood. We want every student, family, and partner to have a sense of what our school stands for, from programming to academics. Whether we realize it or not, the power we wield in this community contributes to the success of our kids and families. It's is transforming lives.


Partners are the bedrock of our school. They're there to provide students with a more fulfilling educational experience, a diverse array of opportunities for their futures, and a comfortable environment that encourages collaboration and creativity.


We're looking for a few good people who can commit to helping maintain and enrich our Claremont Academy community. We need parent volunteers, classroom assistants, hall monitors and translators. With all of these different opportunities available we know that there's always something for everyone. Could you volunteer?


We have Sponsors that believe in us so we can believe in our future. They are committed to us and invested in the best type of return--a better future for our students. Show your pride by being a Sponsor today! You will be glad you did.
How great is it, when someone has faith in something? It's fabulous how people can make things happen with little more than their time, talent and treasure. And when these three factors converge on one thing, they can change everything about it!

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